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Serving people first – then properties

At Thrive Lending, we see you, and then we see your property. What does that mean? First and foremost, it means we define our success as your success. It means we view lending as a way to elevate your economics through carefully calculated financial risks designed to help your profitability. The reality is that the hard money industry has a bit of a “reputation.” It has a history of attracting sharks that are more concerned with themselves than with their client’s success. At Thrive Lending, we put you, the borrower, first. We know how to do that because we’ve been in your shoes. Our roots run deep in the real estate industry – which leads to another key reason we’re your best lender option: we are a sage sounding board throughout your investing process.

We witnessed a sea of change in the lending industry after the collapse of the capital market in 2008. Tight regulations have made banks less capable of serving many respectable, knowledgeable and worthy borrowers if you fall slightly outside of their “box.” As the era of mega banks now reigns, the industry has become too impersonal – leaving too many people feeling like just a number, underserved or out in the cold.

Serving you, then your property, also means we carefully consider the whole picture, including your history, asset and goals, and respond with creative, effective approaches to lending. And throughout the entire process, you’re treated in a pleasant and professional manner.

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